Clinical Connections

Shadowing a clinician (spring year 1)

Below is a list of clinical and clinically associated faculty that have indicated interest in participating in clinical shadowing.  These individuals are also available for clinical mentored projects. 

Contact Chris Gurnett <> or John Welch <> to organize the initial connection with a clinician.  As the list of faculty in not all inclusive, also contact Chris or John with areas of interest and they can provide additional names.   


Kathy Grange, MD (Peds genetics, newborn screen)
Marcia Willing, MD (Peds genetics, connective tissue disorders)
Marwan Shinawi, MD (Peds genetics, skeletal dysplasia)

Marisa Vineyard  (Genetic counselor)

PATHOLOGY/GPS (No direct patient contact)
Catherine Cottrell, PhD
Shashi Kulkarni, PhD

Judy Weisenberg, MD (Peds Neuro, epilepsy)
Christina Gurnett, MD, PhD (Peds Neuro, epilepsy)
Bryan McGill, MD PhD (Peds Neuro, general neurology)
Randall Bateman, MD PhD (Neuro, Alzheimers)
Tim Miller, MD PhD (Neuro, ALS)

Phil Tarr, MD (GI)
Barbara Warner, MD (Neonatology)
Tom Ferkol, MD (Pulmonary)
Greg Storch, MD (Infectious disease)
Lori Holtz, MD (Infectious disease)
Stephanie Fritz, MD (Infectious disease)
Celeste Morley, MD (Infectious disease)
David Hunstead, MD PhD (Infectious disease)

John Welch MD PhD (leukemia and bone marrow transplant – in patient only)
Saiama Waqar MD (lung cancer, Med)
Ben Tan MD (GI cancers, Med)
Bruce Roth MD (prostate cancer, Med)
Brian Van Tine MD PhD (sarcoma, Med)
Meagan Jacoby MD PhD (leukemia, Med)
Ron Bose MD PhD (breast, Med)
Todd Druley, MD PhD (Pediatric Oncology)
Stephen Oh, MD PhD (myeloproliferative neoplasms)
Albert Kim (Neurosurgery/Neurooncology)

John Constantino, MD (Pediatrics, Autism)
Laura Bierut, MD
Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD

Nathan Stitziel MD PhD (Med)
Sharon Cresci MD (Med)
Babak Razani MD PhD

Matthew Ciorba MD