Class Information 2021

Bio 5487

Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:00 – 4:30/5:00 (**Thursday class activities)

Room 4001B, Couch Bld or remote (Zoom link will be provided to class members)

Schedule Topic Presenter(s) Readings Presentation ppt/PDF
Monday August 30 Introduction to Course Tim Schedl, Chris Gurnett & John Welch
Wednesday September 1 Sequencing technology Bob Fulton
Monday September 6 Memorial Day
Wednesday  September 8 Bioinformatics analysis – variant characterization  I Dustin Baldridge and Dan Wegner
Monday September 13 Bioinformatics analysis – variant characterization II Dustin Baldridge and Dan Wegner
Wednesday September  15 Genomics of lung cancer Sid Devarakonda
Monday September 20 Clinical translation of genetic predictors for diabetes mellitus Fumi Urano
Wednesday September 22 Lysosomal storage disease Patti Dickson & Mark Sands
Monday September 27 RNA targeted therapies for neurodegenerative disease Tim Miller
Wednesday September 29 Whole exome and genome sequencing for infants with birth defects and extreme phenotype Jennifer Wambach
Monday October 4 Variants of unknown significance and methods for high-throughput testing of variant function Gabe Haller
Wednesday October 6 Solving the complex disorder von Willebrand disease Jorge DiPaola
Monday October 11 TBD
Wednesday October 13 Autism genetics Tychele N. Turner
Monday October 18
  • Pharmacogenetics of lung transplantation
Laneshia Tague
Wednesday October 20 From Mila to More:  Personalized therapy for rare disease Jen Heeley
Monday October 25 From discovery to translation in cardiovascular genetics Nate Stitziel
Wednesday October 27 Precision prevention: Using genomics to guide smoking cessation Laura Bierut
Wednesday  November 1  TBD
Wednesday November 3 Analysis of patient variants project – introduction Yang Cao and Claire Hou
Monday  November 8 Gene therapies in neuromuscular disorders  Craig Zaidman
Wednesday November 10 Analysis of patient variants project  – Report of your findings Yang Cao and Claire Hou
Monday November 15  ctDNA and MRD analysis Aadel Chaudhuri
Wednesday November 17 Chromothripsis and other genomic rearrangements Luis Batista
***Thursday November 18 PMP Retreat Keynote talk. Stephanie Devaney, Chief Operating Officer of the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health
Monday November 22 Careers panel DBBS alumni: Jarrett Glasscock (Cofactor Genomics); Nicole Renaud (Novartis);   Sarah  Petersen, Assistant Professor, Kenyon College; Jillian Buchan, Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Washington
Monday November 29 Chromoseq and clinical whole genome sequencing Dave Spencer
Wednesday December 1 Neoantigen discovery and application Malachi Griffith
Monday December 6 Vaccine development for brain cancers Tanner Johanns
Wednesday December 8 Zebrafish models of human cancer Chuck Kaufman
Note some lectures were removed as they contained unpublished materials.,